Friday, May 30, 2014

For a Time I Believed That Mankind Had Been Swept Out of Existence, and That I Stood There Alone, the Last Man Left Alive....

Another few days and another few models.  All Quiet on  the Martian Front is shaping up well.  Going to be running a game at my local shop on Tuesday so need to get myself in gear!

A grenadier tripod.  Debating on whether I want to make a base for it. Thoughts?

Grenadier from the side. 

US infantry stand.  Like these guys.  Gas masks for the win

Back of the infantry.  

Assault tripod with Green Gas Canisters.

The cansisters.  I went for a darker green and then gave them a gloss coat with future floor polish.


So that was the evenings work.  I also got 4 more tanks started so they will be the next stop.  


Monday, May 26, 2014

It Never Was a War, Any More Than There's War Between Man and Ants....

So round two of All Quiet on the Martian Front miniatures.  So here you go.

Starting off is the Scout Tripod.  I really like this miniature.

In all its Glory.  You will see a jar of Plastistruct Bond there I am trying out VS the testors.  It dries incredibly fast which is good and bad as you have to be quick to get the parts together.  

The targeter eye adds a lot to the cowl I think.

Cold Ray and CLAW!!!!

I used a little less flock on the base.  I might go heavier on the next one.

Next is the Mark III Steamer tank

I did the decals befor the dirt and I think it really paid off this time.

I went with Shorter Chimneys on the Mark III's

One of the Cool decals from the Add on decal sheet that AD is including.

I was not as diligent with mold lines on this one.  I may redo the barrels to clean them up some.  I have cleaned all the other ones up before I primed them all.

So there you go.  Next time hopefully some infantry and one the of the resin tripods.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Few People Realize the Immensity of Vacancy in Which the Dust of the Material Universe Swims......

So I have started assembling my forces of All Quiet on the Martian Front by Alien Dungeon.  The models are really well done and Hats off to Ernie as the plastics are top notch.  So without Further ado here is my First painted models.

My first Assualt Tripod.  I decided my Martians were form the Arctic region of Mars so instead of heat rays they have Cold Rays.  I used a dark grey base coat with a blue wash and silver highlights to give the more subdued hues I was looking for.  

Cold = Blue eyes!  :)

Blue Cold Ray.  :)

The base i used a simple grey sand mixure From ESO terrain and then flocked with their green grass and added tufts of  green bushes. 

The Mark II is the most common US tank so why not start out with it.  OD green base coat with black wash and then Olive highlights.  The Gracks were grey with a light gunmetal highlight.  I then did a dirt drybrush to muddy the model as no tank goes into battle clean!

I love the details ont eh models they were really easy to put together and fun to paint. 

I added some simple US decals form the Sheet provided.  

As you can see I have a lot to paint.......

If you have not checked out All Quiet on the Martian Front go over to Alien Dungeon and give it a look  it is up for preorder now.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Violence, Naked Force, Has Settled More Issues in History Than Has Any Other Factor......

What a Deadzone week.  Russ and I decided to try out some Psi Nexus Campaign action so we started oiff with Scenario A Get the Intel.  The purpose of the mission is to get the intelligence counter from one of the equipment crates and move it off your deployment zone.  As Plague I was defender and set up first but went second due to the scenario special rules.  We had 50 points to buy forces so I went with a Stage 1 leader, a Stage 2 who earned the name "Steve" due to his outstanding performance, a stage 3 with rifle, a stage 3 with hmg and 2 dogs.

This was the table setup

The was my deployment.  We had corner deployment zones.  My Plan was to rush the dogs up and grab crates, but failure in my part was that the only things that could get the crates were the troopers and the leader.  I did not realize that lol.

Russ's First move had his Commando move and grab a crate, which I immediately played booby trap on.  It did not wound the Model, but blasted him down into an adjacent square, which unfortunately had another crate in it!!!  Good thing it was just equipment.  He was pinned at least.

Russ then moved his leader up and grabbed another crate.  He also suppressed both my HMG and regular stage 3 with a nice burst.  I moved Steve up but he was unable to do anything with his crate.  I also ran the dogs up a little but they were killed by his commandos in some bad rolls.

Russ moved up with some more forces including his Dog and the commandoes were really searching the crates fast I was really feeling like this was lost.  The dog failed to kill the Bomb dog but it did score a wound.

I started moving my Stage 3's toward objectives as that was the name of the game again the Dog failed to kill his dog so they stood there.    Steve on the other hand was moving around the back field getting ready to pounce.

Now was the time for Steve to start his Carnival of Carnage.  He charged up to the Boss and smacked him into OBVLIVIOS killing him with his massive roll of 6 dice.  He then followed up and killed the commando behind him with his free action.  

The Bomb dog killed my Dog and moved into the cube with the HMG and regular stage 3 to lock them down in combat.  Steve continued his carnage, first charging and dispatching a commando on the ground, and then free moving into the Commando holding the Objective killing both and racking up even more kills :)

The Bomb dog finally died after killing the HMG guy, blowing the commando that had moved in to support into the adjacent cube wounding him and the rifle guy. In a mad dash the stage 3, my only model other than the uber slow stage 1 that can pick up objectives,  ran over and grabbed the objective.  At this point Russ was down to 2 models.  In a dirty underhanded move I locked down the non pinned Commando and used my initiative to move my Stage 3 closer to my deployment zone and set up a charge on the pinned Commando with Steve.  Standing up he blazed away at Steve, but I used a card which ignored change of state.  

See victory in my grasp I made a Dash off the table and secured victory with my Stage 3.  

What a GREAT battle.  The Stage 2 really showed just how powerful combining command actions, move cards, actions and free actions can be as Steve just created a swash of dead and destruction once he got into position.  

I learned that plague absolutely sucks as shooting so I will be dropping the HMG for a grenade launcher guy as I think the granade that scatters will do more for me than relying on the hmg rolling well.  

All in all it was a GREAT game. See you all at Huzzah!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Anger is One Thing, Violence Another........

Finished up my Deadzone this morning. Plus I scored a set of resin equipment crates at a local shop so I painted those up too.

Plague and enforcers.  I decided on green since I was not a fan of the pink for the plague.  I went with a grey/blue for the enforcers with dark grey on the recessed armor and a yellow shoulder pad stripe.  For the Bases I went with a black sand with some dark flock to be almost burned out.  The Mantic Base plugs make custom bases problematic.  Maybe on my next Deadzone faction I will try to do custom bases.

Stage 1.  I really like this model.  He is uber menacing.

Stage 2's  I am unsure about the mount for this jumping guy.  I hope he does not break off.

Stage 3's and dogs.

eEnforcer Peacekeeper.  Love this guy.  I went without the cloak.  I did an urban camo on the sniper to the right.  I liked how it turned out.

Enforcers in all their glory.

The engineer and his remotes.  

Resin equipment crates.  so much better than cardboard counters :)

See you all at Huzzah!  


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Laws to Suppress Tend to Strengthen What They Would Prohibit......

So I finished my Deadzone terrain.  So all in all this is the terrain from the box set, 1 terrain upgrade pack and the plastic terrain from Sedition wars.  Very excited to put this on the table next week at Huzzah.  Its a very basic Black with grey drybrush.

Here is the terrain.  I am counting the doors as blocking LOS but can be passed through easily.  I may have it so in more advanced games they are passcoded and you roll to see if you can open the door.  might make the game interesting.

I painted up the sedition wars stuff to fit with my plague paint scheme.  The terminals I used Tau decals to give the text look.

Here you can see another terminal and the doors.

A different Style Terminal and some more terrain.

I put a lot of scatter terrain ont he table as I feel almost all cubes should have some form of cover in them

The gantry ways I ended up assembling with the connector nubs glued on so they can easily be attached and removed.

I added yellow to those crates thinking maybe they are radioactive or something. I also really like the sentry guns from Sedition wars.

Lots of terrain makes the world go round!

A couple of Deadzone models so you can see the paint schemes.  I went with a blue-grey for the enforcers and the plague is the Green brown that you see on the scatter terrain.  I may re-base at some point using custom urban bases.  The Mantic plug base makes using custom ones a little harder.  

See you all at Huzzah!