Laws to Suppress Tend to Strengthen What They Would Prohibit......

So I finished my Deadzone terrain.  So all in all this is the terrain from the box set, 1 terrain upgrade pack and the plastic terrain from Sedition wars.  Very excited to put this on the table next week at Huzzah.  Its a very basic Black with grey drybrush.

Here is the terrain.  I am counting the doors as blocking LOS but can be passed through easily.  I may have it so in more advanced games they are passcoded and you roll to see if you can open the door.  might make the game interesting.

I painted up the sedition wars stuff to fit with my plague paint scheme.  The terminals I used Tau decals to give the text look.

Here you can see another terminal and the doors.

A different Style Terminal and some more terrain.

I put a lot of scatter terrain ont he table as I feel almost all cubes should have some form of cover in them

The gantry ways I ended up assembling with the connector nubs glued on so they can easily be attached and removed.

I added yellow to those crates thinking maybe they are radioactive or something. I also really like the sentry guns from Sedition wars.

Lots of terrain makes the world go round!

A couple of Deadzone models so you can see the paint schemes.  I went with a blue-grey for the enforcers and the plague is the Green brown that you see on the scatter terrain.  I may re-base at some point using custom urban bases.  The Mantic plug base makes using custom ones a little harder.  

See you all at Huzzah!  



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