Few People Realize the Immensity of Vacancy in Which the Dust of the Material Universe Swims......

So I have started assembling my forces of All Quiet on the Martian Front by Alien Dungeon.  The models are really well done and Hats off to Ernie as the plastics are top notch.  So without Further ado here is my First painted models.

My first Assualt Tripod.  I decided my Martians were form the Arctic region of Mars so instead of heat rays they have Cold Rays.  I used a dark grey base coat with a blue wash and silver highlights to give the more subdued hues I was looking for.  

Cold = Blue eyes!  :)

Blue Cold Ray.  :)

The base i used a simple grey sand mixure From ESO terrain and then flocked with their green grass and added tufts of  green bushes. 

The Mark II is the most common US tank so why not start out with it.  OD green base coat with black wash and then Olive highlights.  The Gracks were grey with a light gunmetal highlight.  I then did a dirt drybrush to muddy the model as no tank goes into battle clean!

I love the details ont eh models they were really easy to put together and fun to paint. 

I added some simple US decals form the Sheet provided.  

As you can see I have a lot to paint.......

If you have not checked out All Quiet on the Martian Front go over to Alien Dungeon and give it a look  it is up for preorder now.



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