Anger is One Thing, Violence Another........

Finished up my Deadzone this morning. Plus I scored a set of resin equipment crates at a local shop so I painted those up too.

Plague and enforcers.  I decided on green since I was not a fan of the pink for the plague.  I went with a grey/blue for the enforcers with dark grey on the recessed armor and a yellow shoulder pad stripe.  For the Bases I went with a black sand with some dark flock to be almost burned out.  The Mantic Base plugs make custom bases problematic.  Maybe on my next Deadzone faction I will try to do custom bases.

Stage 1.  I really like this model.  He is uber menacing.

Stage 2's  I am unsure about the mount for this jumping guy.  I hope he does not break off.

Stage 3's and dogs.

eEnforcer Peacekeeper.  Love this guy.  I went without the cloak.  I did an urban camo on the sniper to the right.  I liked how it turned out.

Enforcers in all their glory.

The engineer and his remotes.  

Resin equipment crates.  so much better than cardboard counters :)

See you all at Huzzah!  



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