It Never Was a War, Any More Than There's War Between Man and Ants....

So round two of All Quiet on the Martian Front miniatures.  So here you go.

Starting off is the Scout Tripod.  I really like this miniature.

In all its Glory.  You will see a jar of Plastistruct Bond there I am trying out VS the testors.  It dries incredibly fast which is good and bad as you have to be quick to get the parts together.  

The targeter eye adds a lot to the cowl I think.

Cold Ray and CLAW!!!!

I used a little less flock on the base.  I might go heavier on the next one.

Next is the Mark III Steamer tank

I did the decals befor the dirt and I think it really paid off this time.

I went with Shorter Chimneys on the Mark III's

One of the Cool decals from the Add on decal sheet that AD is including.

I was not as diligent with mold lines on this one.  I may redo the barrels to clean them up some.  I have cleaned all the other ones up before I primed them all.

So there you go.  Next time hopefully some infantry and one the of the resin tripods.



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