Power Tends to Isolate Those Who Hold Too Much Of It. Eventually, They Lose Touch With Reality... And Fall

So Russ and I played a game of Deadzone last night.  Great time playing it was a ton of fun and with 3 sets of terrain on the table it was jam packed!.  I played my Plague and he played Marauders.  We did 70 points which consisted of a Stage 1, 2 stage 2s, 3 troops and a HMG troop.  My phone was not cooperating so the pics are a tad out of focus. 

Here is the table set up.  We used 3 sets of terrain.  I also added in my terrain from the Sedition wars so lots of little scatter terrain.  

We deployed in the corners.  My mission was to kill models and move off of his deployment zone.  I got one point per each model killed and model moved off.  

Russ deployed and went first.  He moved most troops up a little but ran his exploding doggie up to threaten me.  I shot it with both the regular guy and the HMG and did nothing.  Next turn saw some more movement of models and I charged and killed the dog with a stage 2.  which was blown off the building but took no damage.  I also had one stage 3 playing flash running through the far building to sneak out the depolyment zone.   

I moved my regular guy into the building to contest the objective and harass his shooters while a stage 2 and 3 moved up and killed a a marauder sitting on the far objective.  Unfortunately this enraged the stage 2 who on its next activation proceeded to lose its rampage roll and kill the stage 3 next to it.  Mr. flash booked out the deployment zone for an infiltrate point.  

Moving up I had my leader move towards the deployment zone and the 2 other stage threes worked their way over there, Killing another Marauder on their way  The HMG moved up the flank to engage the burner Marauder and was ultimately killed. The game ended with me using my last card and triggering the end of game. 

 I ended up killing  3 models and moved 3 models off.  Russ killed my HMG guy and held on of the far objectives with his burner.  The center objective was contested by he stage 3 in the central building, though pinned he was still alive.  So I pulled out a win with 6 points to his 3.  All in all it was a GREAT game and I had a blast.  

Better pictures and more painted models next time.



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