Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parting with Friends is a Sadness. A Place is Only a Place......

Had some great games at Huzzah and  thought I would write up a blog post about some of the changes to the game that those games brought about.  As always follow here on the blog or on the facebook group.

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire is the mechanism I am using to show the blistering rate of fire that modern weaponry can dish out.  It works like this:

Roll to hit on the defense of the target unit.  Note the number of hits.  You MAY choose to pick up all the dice that hit and roll them again, adding the hits to the pile and continuing on.  IF  you roll on 1 on any subsequent rolls, add the hits to the pool then roll on the rapid  fire table. and apply the results.

below is the old table.

As you can see the table was generally BAD.  This resulted in a lot of people just not rolling more dice.  I needed to sweeten the deal a little bit and encourage people to roll more on the table as it really makes for a fun gambling type system.

Below you can see the new table.  I have made it a 50/50  of something good and something bad.  Would this encourage you to roll more on the table?  Let me know in the comments.


I have reworked close combat to show the fact in modern combat it is really coming to be more of a close range firefight and not actual close combat.  I am struggling with how decisive to be with the rules.  This is the current iteration.

I am considering taking out the stamina tests and just making it the loser is destroyed and removed as a casualty.  Do you think that would be too brutal?  

Well those are the major changes at the moment. Let me know what you think.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

To Save One From a Mistake is a Gift of Paradise.......

What a Huzzah it was!!!  Max and I had a great time at his first con.  We played in some great games and I ran Trilaterum twice.  Both went very well.  Thanks to my friend Scott for the Gift of an awesome gaming mat to run the demos in the future.  We also had some great brainstorming session on working on the rules and I see some great changes in the future to make the game even better!

Here is the table set up for the first night.   I added some Reaper Bones Cav models as walkers.  They are working really well and I am very pleased with their game play.  

Draconid ready to advance.  The game scenario had three lanes with separate detachments fighting over the center power nodes.  at the end of the game the players in possession of the most nodes would win.

Barad had the left lane.

Ready for battle.  

Draconids on the left flank

As the Draconids advance they take fire from the artillery .  The indirect fires rules are working well and have proved to be just powerful enough.

Humans starting to make their way to the objective.  I changed the terrain rules a little moving everything that is not hills to a template that as long as you are touching it you gain its benefit.  

As the Draconids make their way to the top of the plateau they put down hails of fire and assaults to drive the humans back.

The Draconids have the objective but can they hold onto it.

The human make a push to try to dislodge the hold the Draconids have on the power node.

In a last ditch effort, the human fail to secure the objective.  The Aliens have triumphed.  

This was the initial setup for Sundays game, Until my friend Scott generously purchased a mat for my games.  You rock man! 

The new mat in all its glory.....So awesome.  This game had the same scenario.  

The Barad push hard for the objective, putting down some withering fire.

The Draconids push forward as well. 

Gaining initiative the Draconids push hard for the objective.

A major firefight is in play with the Barad.  They have taken some damage but are maintaining their hold on the objective.

Some major fire comes down on the Draconids in the center lane.  All in all the aliens once again secure the power nodes and win the day.

Max and Me at dinner.  This was his first con and he played like a champ.

This was the Monster hunter game we played on Saturday put on by Chris Rhett.  It was a lot of fun great for kids.  The got to keep what they killed.  Very generous of Chris.


One dead whale shark!

That's a big pile of kills!!!!

Max playing in Mike Paine's Pulp Hanoi game.  He had a lot of fun with his hero,  Lash Lightning.  Thanks Mike for letting him play!!

More Max Fun

Lash Lightning to the rescue!!!!

Had a great time.  Thanks to all the organizers GM's and players at Huzzah that made it great.  The next outing will be OGC in July at the Nashua, NH Holiday Inn.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Many Machines on Ix... New Machines...

So I have been painting lots of Reaper CAV models for many purpose Trilaterum and Horizon wars and Future War Commander.  I did the kickstarter and had lots to choose from.  One of my complaints in the bones is the warping that some pieces have.  I have done the boiling water / ice water straightening and though it helped, I did find that some did revert back tot he warping.  I Also found that cleaning the mold lines was more difficult  that I had envisioned.  For priming I tried spray primers and paint on gesso.  I found that if I spray primed a coat of testors dullcoat would remove the stickiness that some primers left.  I did find a primer that primed perfectly flat with no stickiness problems that was super cheap at Lowes.  

So without further ado here are the models.  Ignore my basements backdrop.  :)

CAV Galore!!!!

I initially painted up the Dictators but then then decided to try out other color schemes.

I like these smaller scout size mechs.

A couple of CAV vehicles and a few old plastic Mechwarrior models too.  

I really Like this model it was one of the 2nd wave ones  an Imperator.

I really liked this one too the Silverback.

The specter this is another of my favorites

CAV Wardens and the little ape mechs from Mechwarrior

Dictators.  Nuf said.  Love those guys....

Here is the primer I used that I liked.