Many Machines on Ix... New Machines...

So I have been painting lots of Reaper CAV models for many purpose Trilaterum and Horizon wars and Future War Commander.  I did the kickstarter and had lots to choose from.  One of my complaints in the bones is the warping that some pieces have.  I have done the boiling water / ice water straightening and though it helped, I did find that some did revert back tot he warping.  I Also found that cleaning the mold lines was more difficult  that I had envisioned.  For priming I tried spray primers and paint on gesso.  I found that if I spray primed a coat of testors dullcoat would remove the stickiness that some primers left.  I did find a primer that primed perfectly flat with no stickiness problems that was super cheap at Lowes.  

So without further ado here are the models.  Ignore my basements backdrop.  :)

CAV Galore!!!!

I initially painted up the Dictators but then then decided to try out other color schemes.

I like these smaller scout size mechs.

A couple of CAV vehicles and a few old plastic Mechwarrior models too.  

I really Like this model it was one of the 2nd wave ones  an Imperator.

I really liked this one too the Silverback.

The specter this is another of my favorites

CAV Wardens and the little ape mechs from Mechwarrior

Dictators.  Nuf said.  Love those guys....

Here is the primer I used that I liked.



  1. I loved this game, have a whole bunch of CAVs and no one to play with, nice job painting them, unfortunately I do not see my favorite CAV the Mastodon :(


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