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Had some great games at Huzzah and  thought I would write up a blog post about some of the changes to the game that those games brought about.  As always follow here on the blog or on the facebook group.

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire is the mechanism I am using to show the blistering rate of fire that modern weaponry can dish out.  It works like this:

Roll to hit on the defense of the target unit.  Note the number of hits.  You MAY choose to pick up all the dice that hit and roll them again, adding the hits to the pile and continuing on.  IF  you roll on 1 on any subsequent rolls, add the hits to the pool then roll on the rapid  fire table. and apply the results.

below is the old table.

As you can see the table was generally BAD.  This resulted in a lot of people just not rolling more dice.  I needed to sweeten the deal a little bit and encourage people to roll more on the table as it really makes for a fun gambling type system.

Below you can see the new table.  I have made it a 50/50  of something good and something bad.  Would this encourage you to roll more on the table?  Let me know in the comments.


I have reworked close combat to show the fact in modern combat it is really coming to be more of a close range firefight and not actual close combat.  I am struggling with how decisive to be with the rules.  This is the current iteration.

I am considering taking out the stamina tests and just making it the loser is destroyed and removed as a casualty.  Do you think that would be too brutal?  

Well those are the major changes at the moment. Let me know what you think.



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