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Prophecy and prescience—How can they be put to the test in the face of the unanswered question?

So this is a bit of photo dump and also a nice reveal of the new Logo.  Behold Trilaterum in all its glory!!!!

Ken did such a fabulous job with the rewrite and redesign I brought him back for round 2 to do some more work.  Hes top notch!

So in no particular order I wanted to show off some of the great new sculpts that will be hitting the Trilaterum store in April in addition to the Starter set.  Some of the prints still require some cleaning so please keep that in mind when looking at them.

New packaging for the Blisters and assembling stock for the upcoming shows

Scifi Scatter Terrain
 Grav Lifters  and transport sleds

Some larger Mecha and Monsters.  Back left to right front to back.  Fungal Giant, CR09 Mecha, Sarnin's Rim Destroyer and CR07 Mecha

Sarin's Rim Destroyer. This beast inhabits Sarin's rim the location of the Starter box.  

Clawed Beast another beast that lives on Sarin's Rim.

My take on the Blower Tank.  Air Lift tank And Air Lift Tank Destroyer

Air Lift…

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