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I did a video showcasing some of the new terrain and especially the miniatures for the upcoming starter for Trilaterum!.  head over to the Facebook page for all the latest info but watch it below.

 In case you missed the announcement here is the snippet from the past blog.

I'm very excited to announce that the Starter box is almost upon us. I have finalized the contents and am happy to announce that they will include the following:

- Updated Rulebook
- Agaricale Forces
Spore Soldier Infantry bases x 3
Spore Worm Infantry Base x 2
Spore Wing Infantry Base x 1
-Dominon Forces
Power Armor Infantry Bases x 3
Exo-Knight Infantry Bases x 2
- Bases
- Stamina Markers

All for a Bargain Price of $30!!!!

Here are some images of all the new hotness from the video.  All the miniatures were designed by Ill Gotten Games.  I designed the walls and buildings.
 all new for this year, mat, terrain. miniatures, etc
The Agaricale  advance towards the Dominion base

Sominion guarding the base.…

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