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A Good Ruler Has to Learn his World's Language......

We have been very busy putting all the final finishing touches on our initial offering for Trilaterum set to debut this weekend at Havoc in Shrewsbury, MA

We are proud to show you all what is in store. as always follow us on our website and facebook

First off we have our brand spanking new Starter set, Encounter at Sarin's Rim.  It will retail for $30 and will be available via our website after the show. 

Box Cover
Box Back

Completed Boxes

New Books

Box contents without book

We also have blister racks packed to the gill with miniatures, terrain and dice bags for the show

In addition tot he box set each faction has 3 booster packs that will retail for $15 that contain 3-4 units for that faction.  
Plus all the great vehicles and terrain I have been working on.

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