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In the Desert, the Line Between Life and Death is Sharp and Quick.....

I've been 3d printing up a storm.  One project was a desert table for a big Bolt action event we did at Midgard Comics and Games in Derry, NH USA.  

Check out the process below

The first few buildings painted up.  They had been sitting on the painting table for a while.  But glad to put prints to some good use

The start of the scatter terrain.  This was lava rocks glued to old cd's

Some desert walls fresh off the 3d printer.

Rocks coming along.  I ended up having to glue a second cd to them as the first one was too flimsy

Base coat on the walls.  

Finished walls

Finishing up the palm trees.  Cheep ones off amazon but with bases and flock and a little paint look great.

Every Town needs a well.

BOOOOOO.  I hate misprints.  I decided to re purpose them into ruins.  This happens when the 3d filament does not stick to the bed.

Started painting the mosque.

CURSE YOU POWER OUTAGE!!!!  Oh well this is going to get Spackle'd and used anyway.  1 story instead of 2

Cut apart for ruin…

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