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Deep in the Human Unconscious is a Pervasive Need for a Logical Universe that Makes Sense. But the Real Universe is Always one Step Beyond Logic.

IT has been a CRAZY summer with lots to discuss.

First off the revamp of the Trilaterum rule book is being finished as we speak.  It is mainly a reformatting with a few small rules changes.  I have posted an errata that includes all the changes here for free download.  For anyone that bought a physical book I will be offering a free PDF of the revamp as well as a discounted updated book if you like.  Just email me at

My new vehicle line has been launched and can be purchased on the webstore at or you can send me an email and I can send you a paypal invoice.  They paint up great and look amazing on the table.

Design on colossals is moving forward.  I have started writing the rules and am happy to announce that the conetn will include rules for
Colossal vehicles Colossal Monsters Mecha Dangerous terrain
I am very happy to get down to business on this project and get it out to people to play with.  Stay tuned!!!!

I have been working on what to do r…

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