Monday, January 30, 2017

To Know the Future Absolutely is to be Trapped into that Future Absolutely.....

It has bee a little quiet lately but I have exciting news. I was fortunate enough to be on the Wargames Recon podcast episode 175 to talk about Trilaterum!!!  You can get the episode on the iTunes or here

I am also excited to announce that a new shop has opened in my area by some Friends of mine and Midgard Games and Comics  is the new home of Trialterum.  I will be running games there and they have the book in stock for sale.  Check them out!!

As always you can get Trilaterum using the links to the left via wargames vault and in physical format.

Work has continued on the expansion to add superheavies to the game.  I am excited to start to playtesting and seeing what people like.

Been working on some new units from the Khurasan range and Ground Zero Games.   Once I finish those I will add some new pictures.  


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Climb the Mountain just a little bit to test that it’s a Mountain. From the top of the Mountain, you cannot see the Mountain......

Worked on a bunch of stuff for Tilaterum this weekend.  Enjoy.

Khurasan Miniatures Earth War Force Corsair battle Dress

Khurasan Miniatures Itu'a Swarm Assault Crab

Khurasan Miniatures Itu'a Weapon Worms

Khurasan Miniatures Itu'a Swarm Rifle Bug

Ground Zero Games Crusty Heavy Infantry in armoured hostile environment suits

Ground Zero Games Crusty with rifles

Ground Zero Games Xar chitterers with Grenade Projector (Left) and Heavy Beamer (Right)

Ground Zero Games Xar chitterers with Beam Rifles

Blue Moon Manufacturing Terran Confederation Legion Troopers

Thanks for looking 


Monday, November 7, 2016

The Concept of Progress Acts as a Protective Mechanism to Shield us from the Terrors of the Future....

What a great time at Fall In!    I ran a game in the Saturday noon slot and had an absolute great time playing Trilaterum    It was great to Meet everyone and put on a game.  Got a lot of good feedback, handed out a ton of business cards and all in all just had a blast.

Remember the book is now available in Physical and PDF format.  Just click on the link to the right.

On the coming horizon will be the first supplement for Trilaterum, Trilaterum:Colossals  and will feature Super Heavy Vehicles and how to integrate them.  It will also feature 6 new scenarios revolving around the Colossals themselves.  This will be a free expansion for anyone that buys the book so be sure to follow here and contact me  if you have purchased a physical copy so that you will get the supplement.  It will be in Digital Format only but available as print on demand if you like.

So keep in touch and watch this space for more info.  Here are some pictures of the Fall In Game.

Starting the game off the Barad and Draconid advance.  The objective is to hold the most of the three objectives alone the center line of the board.

As they advance the action starts and casualties are incoming.

That escalated quickly.

As you can see the fight for the objectives has heated up.  The aliens abandoned the left objective and concentrated on the middle and right ones.

The Aliens push towards the center objective in the midst of withering fire.

Aliens push towards the right objective as well.

The aliens are starting to make real headway

In a last ditch effort the colonials take the left objective but lose the other two, allowing the aliens to pull out a victory.

Thanks all that played it was a great game and I had a blast.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Give as few orders as possible.....Once you've given orders on a subject, you must always give orders on that subject...

In a change of gears I have been getting my Walking Dead set ready to run some demos for Mantic Games.  The minis look really nice and I was able to grab some die cast cars that with a little work look great.

The gang's all here

THis was a camper that I got.  I decided to completely repaint this one.  I took it apart and put windows in. They primed and repainted.

Here are two of the cars I got at the grocery store.  All of them were under $6 each and in the 1/32-1/35 scale which ended up being perfect. I ended up just flat coating them to fog up the windows and dull the paint make them look like they have been sitting around for a while.

Starting on the survivors


More brains.....

This guy already going after the survivors...

Blocked out and ready for washes and finishing.

Cars and minis on the map

Hold that line!

Carl and Rick at the camper

They're coming to get you Barbara......

I will be running demos at the end of the month.  Check back for locations.


Monday, October 3, 2016

I Have Another Kind of Sight. I See Another Kind of Terrain: The Available Paths.....

Its been a little while but I am still here and am excited to talk about whats on the horizon for Trilaterum.   First I want to thank everyone that has bought a copy of the book.

Sales have been slow and steady and I hope to get the game out to as many as possible.

The first supplement is being worked on and will feature super-heavy vehicles and how to combat them.   

Coming up in November I will be running a game at Fall-in In Lancaster, PA on Saturday November 5th at 12:00.  

I am also working on a set of video to show some game play.   If there is any specific things people have questions about please leave a comment and I will work them in.

Don't forget the game is available in both paper  and electronic copies on the website at  

Sorry for so short and no new pictures next time I will have some as I have been expanding armies for the game.



Monday, August 29, 2016

What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises....

Great time at the Hobby Bunker games day over the weekend.  Had a good game lots of fun.  The revised rapid fire chart that Was done right before release is proving very popular and making people on the whole usually rapid fire with their units.  The 1 shot missile barrages are a hoot as well.  You can grab the QRS on Drivethrurpg for free.  I also have unit cards now available for the pre-made units int he book.  Those can be found on my website .  Also the Game is available for sale on my website at in both physical and digital versions

The aliens assaulted the settlement in the center from both sides.  The aliens had a rough go of it, but once they got closer they were able to turn the tides.  You can see the Draconids crossing the river here.

After a slow advance the Barad are finally starting to make some headway. 

The Barad laying into the walker.

Piles of dead.  Ironically a lot of these were due to bad rolls on the rapid fire table.  I have never seen so many 8's!  :)

Max ended up playing in Mike Paine's Hanoi game and had a lot of fun.

All in all a great day of gaming.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Do not count a Human dead until you’ve seen his Body...

Its been a few weeks since Trilaterum has been released at  It is also available via drivetrhruRPG  There is also a quick reference sheet available there as well.  So go check it out!.  I need some reviews please.  :)  Also for Stan Johansen's minis featured in the book go to

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions  please feel free to either leave them here or email me at  

As we go ahead I have already started work on the first expansion to the game which will be super heavies.  These are the massive machines of war that some races choose to employ.  This will also include fortifications which will essentially be stationary super heavies.  

Upcoming events!

I will be running a game at the Hobby Bunker's annual games day on August 7th in Malden, Ma

November 4-6th I will be at Fall In  in Lancaster, PA running games.  See the HMGS website once the PEL is announced for more info.  

Stan will be at Hurricon in Orlando and will have copies of the rules for sale there as well.  

Stay tuned for more information and grab a copy of the book !  :)