For a Time I Believed That Mankind Had Been Swept Out of Existence, and That I Stood There Alone, the Last Man Left Alive....

Another few days and another few models.  All Quiet on  the Martian Front is shaping up well.  Going to be running a game at my local shop on Tuesday so need to get myself in gear!

A grenadier tripod.  Debating on whether I want to make a base for it. Thoughts?

Grenadier from the side. 

US infantry stand.  Like these guys.  Gas masks for the win

Back of the infantry.  

Assault tripod with Green Gas Canisters.

The cansisters.  I went for a darker green and then gave them a gloss coat with future floor polish.


So that was the evenings work.  I also got 4 more tanks started so they will be the next stop.  



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