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So its construction time!  I was in desperate need of buildings to use in my scifi games.  So I looked around at some blogs and decided to try my hand at electrical box buildings.  I could not be happier  With a mild investment I now am chock full of nice scenery for my 15mm scifi gaming.  They are big enough that you could use them in 28mm as well, though all the doors are sized for 15mm.

So supplies I used were a bunch of electrical boxes.  My advice is EXPLORE your shops.  I hit Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and my local Ace.  All of them had different styles and it was good to see all the slight variations.  I also used a lot of piece form the Platformer kits from IMEX.  These were invaluable for all the cool panels and gubbins.  Other bits were wire crews and other little bits i found at the hardware store.  Most of the pieces I put on bases cause I like my terrain that way.  I did leave a few small pieces off bases so I could place them wherever.

Starting out put on a base had to saw off the nail wings.  Added various gubbins

Made a cool balcony and doorway.

More platformer bits.

I went to the Hobby shop and grabbed plastic gems to use as windows and skylights.

Originally this was going to be a skywalk but this just worked better.

A power plant or something.  I used some sponson bits I found from GW.

More gems added.

This is a shower flange for the radar dish.

PVC elbow for the mount a little elevator and ladders

This was a wire connector I used as a rocket launcher.

More gems and rocket launchers and a small building leanto

Started Priming.  I used grey and then dusted whith white.

More Priming

This was just a small bunker I made out of platformer bits and a small rocker launcher.

Nice little landing pad of some sort.

So the grey just did not work out so I went over them with kyrlon satin blue then hit them with matte coat to take the sheen off.  I painted all the panels black and then drybrushed  and pickout bits and endges

More edges and details.

1st coat of sand with black sand for the walk way to the doors

Redoing all the buildings in blue

These were really cool looking windows.

Not sure what happened here as the paint crackled.  Weather damage right!

Here is the whole lot!

Loves the round windows really looks cool

Still might add some landing markers for the helipad.

The little fuel depot bunker.

One of 2 smaller stand along buildings I did last minute.

The other stand alone ones.

Radar station

Power Plant with crackle weathering goodness.

HQ with balcony.

Courtyard building

All in all I was VERY happy with this project.  It is a welcome addition to my terrain.



  1. Very nice buildings! I have bunch of electrical boxes waiting to be turning into structures.

  2. Great looking buildings! I completed a similar project a few months back but went with a more run down aesthetic. Your creativity with some of the bits you chose to use really paid off.

  3. I love this idea! Currently I am working on cardboard and papercraft buildings for my 6mm stuff. There are some great downloads at Hawk designed for 10mm DZ Cdr, but they can be scaled. See


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