Klytus, I'm bored. What play thing can you offer me today?

So many different projects have been on my table lately so here is a smattering of them and what they are for.  I am very excited to finally be putting my Quar 15mm miniatures from Zombiesmith onto the painting table. Coming soon to a Blog near you.  So until then here is a bunch of stuff I have been working on in no particular order.

A reaper Bones Werewolf I picked up to experiment with some new inking techniques.  I think he came out well.   I was happy with the skin tone I was able to get.

Some Mantic Basillean's  I was experimenting with inked mettalics here and also with a new snow mixture that I think I went a little overboard with.  less is more I am thinking.  

My Ronin Bushi.  I went with a martial artist band using Miniatures from Old Glory, West Wind, and L5R.

This is an Old Glory  US Marine circa 1890's for use with In Her Majesties name. No base done casue I have yet to decide on the basing theme.  

Some Architects of War terrain from Fanticide.  Shriking crystals and an Obo.  I experimented with the new GW Technical paint Nurgle's Rot in the bubbling pool

This is an elemental form the Dwarf Wars range that I am going to use as a 15mm Alien creature.

A Yeti fromt eh West wind range for use as a 15mm abomination

These are Blue Moon Twanax.  They will be used as 15mm larger alien shock troops

This is a Dark Age Games Brood Hound for another Monstrous beasty

Some Blue Moon Nevis form their 15mm alien range.

So that's it for the moment.  



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