This is Doctor Jones. Operation Blue Sky is go, go, go. I repeat, this is a go.

So I had this huge tickle in my head to paint up some 15mm so I thought why not finish a project sitting there for years.  So without further ado, my near future British Sci-Fi.  I painted test models years ago so the bulk of this was painted in the last week.  I wanted to use some existing and add in some Sci-Fi elements.  Being an Old Glory Army member I like to get the most out of my membership.  If you have not looked at the Blue Moon Sci-Fi line it is chock full of goodness as is their modern stuff.  Enjoy!

The army in all its glory

I used some Flames of War Mid War Monsters Boarhounds as Scout/Recon Vehicles

 Power Armored suits using the Blue Moon Orion Republic Infantry

Command Squads using Old Glory Command Decision Modern British Infantry  and Saxon APCs

The Overall Commander on his Ipad.  :)

Walker Unit with Eye Beams and Shoulder Mounted Laser Projectors.  These are out of print Craven from Griffin Miniatures

Challenger Tanks from the  Old Glory Post War Command Decision line.

Infantry squads using Old Glory Command Decision Modern British Infantry  and Warrior IFVs with WARP armor.

More walkers without Shoulder lasers from Griffin Miniatures.

So these will be used with the Gruntz system as well as Fireteam Andromeda.  I am very excited to play some 15mm Sci-Fi.  Now to find some 15mm Daleks for them so fight as UNIT......


  1. I really like what you did with the Blue Moon Orions. Your paint job is making me really tempted to snatch up a few squads of them for my own Gruntz game.


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