Ah Well.....Who wants to live forever??? DIVE!!!!!!!

More random weekend.  Mostly monstrous beasties for my 15mm scifi to fight against.  Plus the off terrain and an orc shaman I did for a little contest with my friends.

First up is the test mini paint scheme for my Old Gkory Averums  These guys look pretty cool.  

The back of the Averum.

Test Scheme for my Old Glory Robot Legion Velon Skirmishers.  These are dead ringers for Falling Skies mechs.

Test Scheme for Old Glory Robot Legion Legionaires. 

Mudman I have no Idea the company I got them in a trade.

Another Mudman

Loving these Westwind Yetis.  They paint up really nice.  

Another Westwind Yeti

And a third

This is a Fire Elemental from Westwind's Dwarf Wars.  Looks pretty cool

Some Easter Island head Terrain from Wind Sword I bought At Fall In.  I did not realize till I got them home they were just plaster so I has to base them all to ensure they would not break.  In the background is the legion of robots to paint.  :)

Standing Heads.

Broken on the ground Heads.  They were super cheap so I am not so worried that they were just plaster.

A Mantic Orc Shaman.  I experimented with some new inks as well as a light effect on the base.  very happy with the results


Light effect

So that was my weekend.  Next up is finishing the robot legions and then maybe some Deadzone figures.



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