There can be NO survivors. So long as one human remains alive, the Alliance is threatened.

So I finally dusted off the ships and finished off the last of my BSG fleets.  I will update my rules in a future blog post once I get all my notes together.  Until then here are the fleets.  As before these are Ravenstar Studios Ships.

Some Major reinforcements for the Colonial fleets.  6 new Ships

Victory Cruiser

A 2nd Hunter Cruiser

The Heavily armored enormous Artemis Heavy Battlestar

Vanguard Gunstar

A Valhala Battlestar

A Tiger Destroyer

Not to be left out the Cylons got a few new ships as well/

The Terror Star

The Traxx Basestar

Happy with how they all came out and my fleets are definitely getting to the HUGE side.  


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