There can be NO survivors. So long as one human remains alive, the Alliance is threatened.

So I finally dusted off the ships and finished off the last of my BSG fleets.  I will update my rules in a future blog post once I get all my notes together.  Until then here are the fleets.  As before these are Ravenstar Studios Ships.

Some Major reinforcements for the Colonial fleets.  6 new Ships

Victory Cruiser

A 2nd Hunter Cruiser

The Heavily armored enormous Artemis Heavy Battlestar

Vanguard Gunstar

A Valhala Battlestar

A Tiger Destroyer

Not to be left out the Cylons got a few new ships as well/

The Terror Star

The Traxx Basestar

Happy with how they all came out and my fleets are definitely getting to the HUGE side.  


  1. Lovely! You mentioned "rules"...? I've been looking for a good set for BSG battles set in the First Cylon War!


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