What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises....

Great time at the Hobby Bunker games day over the weekend.  Had a good game lots of fun.  The revised rapid fire chart that Was done right before release is proving very popular and making people on the whole usually rapid fire with their units.  The 1 shot missile barrages are a hoot as well.  You can grab the QRS on Drivethrurpg for free.  I also have unit cards now available for the pre-made units int he book.  Those can be found on my website .  Also the Game is available for sale on my website at http://www.trilaterum.com/ in both physical and digital versions

The aliens assaulted the settlement in the center from both sides.  The aliens had a rough go of it, but once they got closer they were able to turn the tides.  You can see the Draconids crossing the river here.

After a slow advance the Barad are finally starting to make some headway. 

The Barad laying into the walker.

Piles of dead.  Ironically a lot of these were due to bad rolls on the rapid fire table.  I have never seen so many 8's!  :)

Max ended up playing in Mike Paine's Hanoi game and had a lot of fun.

All in all a great day of gaming.



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