Do not count a Human dead until you’ve seen his Body...

Its been a few weeks since Trilaterum has been released at  It is also available via drivetrhruRPG  There is also a quick reference sheet available there as well.  So go check it out!.  I need some reviews please.  :)  Also for Stan Johansen's minis featured in the book go to

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions  please feel free to either leave them here or email me at  

As we go ahead I have already started work on the first expansion to the game which will be super heavies.  These are the massive machines of war that some races choose to employ.  This will also include fortifications which will essentially be stationary super heavies.  

Upcoming events!

I will be running a game at the Hobby Bunker's annual games day on August 7th in Malden, Ma

November 4-6th I will be at Fall In  in Lancaster, PA running games.  See the HMGS website once the PEL is announced for more info.  

Stan will be at Hurricon in Orlando and will have copies of the rules for sale there as well.  

Stay tuned for more information and grab a copy of the book !  :)



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