He Who Controls the Spice Controls the Universe.........

The day has finally come!!!!  TRILATERUM HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!!!!!

If you want to purchase a copy go to www.trilaterum.com   The digital copy is pending approval from Drivethru RPG so check back in a few days and ti should be ready for purchase but the physical copies are now available.  $18 plus $3 shipping  go get it now!! :)


I ran a demo at Great Stories in Uxbridge, MA today and it went great.  Sold my first copies so that was great!

We will be adding content to the Trilaterum website over the next few weeks so make sure you keep checking back.

Thanks to everyone for your support in getting my game into print.  Watch this space for lots more info.



  1. Nice table. Can you give a little summary what was your idea behind this game? Or will I have to check your blog and the link?

  2. Thanks. This is a company based 15mm scifi game. Each stand represents a squad with armies around 10-20 stands and or vehicles. Alternating activation with army lists plus rules to build your own. Check the blog for lots more info.


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