The Eye that Looks Ahead to the Safe Course is Closed Forever....

So we had another test game last night of Trilaterum.  Things are really coming together.  Activation is much more streamlined.  The new firing sequence worked well and all in all I am happy with the results.  It ended up being a close game with the humans squeaking out a victory by 5 points.  325 to 320 lol

So that tells me things are pretty evenly matched.  We had some great rolls going on and the exploding mechanic I think really is a lot of fun.  Basically the way it works is you roll to hit.  You can then choose to keep rolling the hits for more hits.  However, if you roll a 1 on subsequent hits you get to roll on the rapid fire table which can be anything from stop rolling to remove the squad as a casualty. 

Suppression is working a lot better as well.  And gives you the sense of hitting the dirt

I am very excited to hit Huzzah in 2 weeks and run some games.  As always follow the Facebook group at  .  Also check out Stan Johansen Miniatures for the miniature lines. 

Here are some pics of the game board.  Thanks to Frank and Richard for playing.  The scenario was to control the radar dish in the center of the board at the end of turn 6 if nobody controlled it we went to points.  Since we only played 3 turns, we decided to use points and that was how we got the results.

The UEL moving up the board to get into the Colony.

Draconids have taken the buildings and firing on the Grav Platforms

The Heavy Cannons are positioned in the woods for maximum effect.

Draconids taking HEAVY damage in the colony.  but they stayed strong.


Thanks for looking.  If you are going to Huzzah I will be doing a game Sat evening and Sunday morning.


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