I must not fear. Fear is the Mind-Killer...

So yesterday was my con debut of my Trilaterum  rules.   It was a good game and I thank all the people that played in it.  We definitely had a few issues that needed to be resolved.  The main thing was activation ran slow at the multiple players level so I will rethink how to work the activation phase in a con environment.  Typically in the game the active player activates 1-4 squads and does their actions and play passes to the opponent.  In a two player game that's fine but with 4+ it kinda bogged it down a little.  I think I will just have each player activate simultaneously per side.  That would hurry it a long well.

Also in the case of a squad doing 2 shoot actions I had to rethink how the special rules resolve.  I think I have the changes in place I will play test them in the coming weeks to see but I like the results so far.

There were also a few terrain conundrums but I think these are resolved by just reiterating the rules as they are written that terrain is a template that blocks LOS unless you are touching/ in the terrain.  I need to think about how to deal with hills and changes of elevation.  Also whether when you go in buildings if there is elevation.  I think that will add to much minutia.

I added in walkers and I like how they have worked out so far.  I might put in some more special rules for them but I think they add a lot of flavor to the atmosphere of the game.

So here are some pics of the action.  As always check out Stan Johansen Miniatures for his 15mm Scifi Line.

Thanks to everyone for playing  see you at Huzzah!!!!


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