I Must Rule with Eye and Claw — as the Hawk Among Lesser Birds....

I decided after my game over last weekend I wanted some brand spanking new terrain to play games on.  The geo hex I was using was just a pain homing apart and not really looking all that great.  So I took to the basement and carved up foam core and board alike to make me some new terrain.

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Enjoy the new terrain.

Here is some of the foam cut and primed.  I use Gesso to prime as it really does a good job covering the foam and giving a nice finish.    I found a video that was great in learning a good way to cut the foam.  You use a sawing up and down motion at an angle.  It works really well.  

I did 2 shades of grey and then white dry brush.   Painted the Tops green then flocked with a mixture of the fine turf in 3 different colors of green.   

Here is another set of hills.  Same treatment.

Some more finished pieces.  I use a mixture of 2" 1.5" and 1" foam to give a good variety.  

This was an experiment in a stone mesa.  I used a hammer and beat the piece very well.  I then used a can opener to score and pull the sides to give the stone appearance.  Painted and then flocked with large brush pieces.

A rock outcropping.  This was a really hard piece as It took me a long time to get the cuts to look like they do.  Flocked the base with the same mix on the hills and the same brush on the mesa.  

Another rock column.  I am not 100% on this one.  it was easier than the one above but does not look as natural.

Some new rivers and roads.  I used vinyl floor tiles and painted on modelling paste to give the effect.  I had previously done a set of these using paintable. silicon caulk but they did not hold up well.  these will hopefully be better.  

Thanks for looking.



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