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Spent the day doing play testing and taking some photos for the book.  In addition to battle shots I ended up taking better pics of all of Stan Johansen's minis.  Enjoy some photos and follow the game updates on this blog our the facebook group.

The setup

This was hands down my favorite battle shot that I took for the book.

The new action shots of the Stan Johansen miniatures.  

Colonial Marines

Hazard Suits

Grav Platform Tri Barrel

GEV Main Battle Tank

GEV Transport with Medium Laser

GEV Transport with Vulcan Cannon

Medium Laser Cannons

Draconid Warriors

Draconid Heavy Weapons

Barad Warriors

Barad Tri Barrel 

Barad Grav Platform with Tri Barrel

Barad Air Cavalry

Don;t forget I will be at Havoc in Shrewsbury Massachusetts on April 2nd and at Huzzah in Portland Maine on May 14th and 15th.



  1. Great Stuff I especialy like those buildings.

  2. Beautiful set up...all of it.

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