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Last night saw another play test of my Trilaterum rules.  We are making some great strides.  Activation has been totally revamped.  Close combat is much tighter.  Transports need some work and stamina tests are being slightly reworded.  Scanners proved to be WAY to powerful so those are being toned down.  All in all it was a great game.  I thank Don for helping.  Remember to follow on the facebook group.   All minis can be found at Stan Johansen Miniatures

For activation I decided to allow players to attach squads together in ad hoc units each turn and activate them together, giving them the flexibility to leave damaged stands to activate on their own. the stands must all do the same actions though and if any units chosen for the unit fail the stamina test.  the whole unit is suppressed.

Stacy has been working on some fantastic stories for the book.  Army lists that will be included are also progressing.  Tonight saw the introduction of the forces of the Barad along side of the Draconid.  I forgot my camera till after the third  turn so we pick up at the top of turn 3.  This was a slug fest for control of the town in the middle.  As you can see from the markers, first and second turn produced lots of damage on units.

The Draconids advancing on the flank to take out artillery.  I added in a new indirect fire rules and they really turned out fair and balanced.  Definitely a keeper.  See that lone stand. Yeah the squad next to him rolled an ammo explosion on its first shot and blew itself up... LOL

A Draconid heavy weapon squad and Barad Tribarrel pinning down some Colonial Infantry in hazard  Suits.

A Barad Tribarrel

Some barad Infantry stands.  With less stamina than the Draconids they found it hard to activate once the markers started to build up.

The hover platforms showed just how nasty the scanners were.  Ignoring cover with 8 shots per action turnout to be very effective.  Both will be toned down. 

The transports proved very effective.  I need to rewrite the disembarking as it was a little troublesome.  But they worked out well.  The grav tank was especially useful with its main gun and close range defense system.  

Damage is building up on the heavy weapon squad.  Its partner has already been destroyed.  

Trying to take out that grav tank proved very difficult.  

Eliminating the last heavy weapon squad freed up the infantry to advance toward the Barad.

The Hover platform makes short work of the out of cover Draconid.  Fatality!

Great game and we are definitely coming along.  I look forward to more play testing this weekend.  For those in the area I  will be running participation  games at Havoc in Massachusetts  in April and  Huzzah in Maine in May. 


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