Once You've Given Orders on a Subject, You Must Always Give Orders on that Subject....

I am pleased to announce that I have finished writing the find section of Trilaterum!  .  Much editing and formatting will now take place but this is a huge milestone to have finished the last of the sections.  I thought I would share with you a piece of fluff as well as the scenario that was written to accompany it.  Special thanks to Stacy Colonna for writing the fluff in the book.  I am also excited to announce that a good friend of mine will be doing some illustrations for the book as well.  He does amazing work.  Remember to check out Stan Johansen Miniatures for the range of 15mm Scifi that is featured in the book.

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“Sarah! SARAH!” She had disappeared, and the panic had set in.

The colony had been on planet for nine days and the children were finally released to play and explore around the camp. Excited to be free to explore this new world, Max had been instructed to keep watch over his sister. They had never set foot on a planet before, and now that the exigencies of life were established, the children were released to run and play for the hour before sunset. To the west of settlement there was a series of large rock formations.  As the children had never been outside the ship, the temptation to run and jump and play was overwhelming.

Max looked at the sky and knew that sunset would only be a few minutes away. And once the sun set, the temperature would drop rapidly.  A four-year-old would not make it through the night alone.  

“SARAH!” He would have to turn back. The prospect of telling the leaders that he lost his sister terrified Max, but he couldn't search for her in the dark.

“Max! Come see my teddy!”

He spun around to follow the sound of the voice. Only then did Max see the cave.  It was set back inside a crevice in the hill. Had the daylight not been fading, he would have seen it sooner.  “Sarah, stay put! I'm coming to get you.” Max yelled into the cave.

He need not have bothered; Sarah ran out with a wide grin. “Max, look at my teddy!”

Sarah held up a piece of rock for Max's inspection. It was no bigger than her fist and she waived it in the air. “I am going to feed him honey. Teddy bears like honey, the book says so!”

Max took the rock from her hand. Upon closer inspection, he discovered it was a bear. Or a bear carving.  The proportions were a bit different than the few teddy bear toys the colonists brought on the trip, but it looked similar to the photographs he had seen in the book from the ship's library.  

“Can I have a tea party with him like the teddy in the book? We have honey.”

He handed the carving back and frowned. “We don't have tea. Where did you get that?” The rock was a marbled, and someone had carved and polished it to a smooth finish. No one on the ship did such work, so someone must have brought this from Earth. It was clearly a treasure that would be missed by its owner and Sarah would be in trouble; theft was not tolerated.

“It was in the cave with the teddy bear drawings. I'm going to feed him honey so he gets fat and stuck in the tree.” Sarah glanced around the hillside. “Where are the trees?”

“We need to plant them. But we need to get back before dinner. They might give our rations away if we aren't there.” Max hoped that would motivate her to move along, but he was more concerned about being out in the dark. “Let's go. We'll find the owner of the bear when we get back.”  Max grabbed her arm and started walking towards the settlement.  

He never even noticed the light inside the cave.

Recover the Relic
Ignorance can often be the motivation for battle.  Many cultures have religious rites that are completely unrecognized as such.  Often times what a colonist's child may consider a new toy, is in fact an ancient relic of immeasurable value.

Setup:  Setup a colony on the center line of the table, no closer than 12” to any table edge.  The defender secretly designates a building that holds the relic.  The attacker places 4 cave entrances at least 6” away from any colony building.  Defender sets up his forces within the colony perimeter.

Scenario Rules:  The attacker will randomly determine which cave entrance each squad or unit enters the battle from. The attacker must search the buildings and find the relic.  This takes an action when in base to base contact with the building.  Any unit may carry the relic and if destroyed drops the relic on the spot.  The relic can be picked up and carried by any squad.

Victory Conditions:  If the attacker exits the table via a cave entrance holding the relic, they win.  At the end of turn 6 if the attacker is not in possession of the relic, the defender wins.  Otherwise the attacker has 1 more turn to exit the table. 



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