What Senses Do We Lack That We Cannot See or Hear Another World All Around Us?

So I spent the weekend working on my Basileans for Kings of War.  I am running some demos next weekend at Black Moon Games in Lebanon NH

3 Regiments of Elohi and 2 Heroes

Jullius, Dragon of Heaven Ur-Elohi Hero - 275 points

Samacris, Mother of Phoenixes Ur-Elohi Hero - 230 Points
The two have a synergy that if you take both when they are both on the field they get the elite special Rule 

Elohi Regiment 1 - 195 points

Elohi Regiment 2 - 195 points

3rd Elohi Regiment - 195 points

Total is 1090 points

This is a very sepcialized elite force but it hits hard and fast.  if will be fun doing demos with them vs my abyssal (chaos) dwarves.  



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