It is Impossible to Live in the Past, Difficult to Live in the Present and a Waste to Live in the Future.....

To Say I am excited about Frostgrave is an understatement.  :)  I have always enjoyed skirmish play and Mordheim was one of my favorite games so this was a no brainier when I hear about it months ago.  I have been painting like a fiend to have both my warband and the variety of monsters to add to the games.  I decided on partially frozen/snowed bases   So without further ado here is my work in progress.

Here is my warband.  had a lot of fun picking out the guys.  For the bases I used a black or grey sand mixture and then added snow with a product called snowtex.  When it is still wet I apply scenic water affects over it allowing it to be spread around and gives it a wet melting feel.

Grizzled Wizard and his young apprentice.  Both Reaper Bones.  Bot the bones figures I used Walmart white flat primer and then finished with testors dullcoat.  That seems to be the best combination to avoid that sticky problem with the bones plastic.

Hobbit and halfling burglers.  :)  Both Reaper Bones

2 Warhounds.  these are old GW Mordheim ones.

Knight and a Templar.  Both reaper Bones.  I really liked these figures

Ranger  can you say legolas!  Reaper Bones

Felsh Golem (Minor Construct), Minor Demon, Imp and Major Construct.  Reaper Bones

Ice Spiders, Rats and Wolves.  Wolves are Otherworld rest are Bones.

Ice Worm.  Love this mini.  Reaper Bones

Ice Trolls and a Frost Giant.  Giant is Bones and trolls are Ral Partha

Undead.  Skeletons, Ghoul, and Zombies are Mantic.  Vampire is Thoroughbred. and the Wrath is Reaper Bones. 

Small piece of scatter terrain.  Old Grenadier resin.

Can wait to play some games!!!!



  1. Nice work Tim. I am excited about Frostgrave too. Got in a game Thursday it's a fun game.

  2. I saw this game being mentioned on Cheaphammer's blog as well and it immediately peaked my interest.

  3. Will be interested to see what you think of Frostgrave, I'm getting together a warband at the moment and look forward to playing a game.


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