Violence and Naked Force, has Settled More Issues in History than has Any Other Factor.

Our group has decided to dip our feet into 6mm Micro armor so I decided to go outside the box with a Stryker Battalion for Cold War Command.  I have always loved the look of the stryker so it was a no brainer when we decided to jump in on which force i would field.  I added in some Super Cobras because they are just too bad ass not too. :)

So without Further Adu.

The Force in all its glory.

These are the CO and HQ units  Various command Styker Vehicles.

12 Infantry Units including LMG's, HMG , AT4, and a Dragon.

12 M1126 Strykers to Carry the Infantry Squads

3 M1129 120mm Mortar Carriers

3 M1134 Anti Tank Strykers with TOW's

6 M1128 MGS Strykers with 105mm Guns

2 AH-1Z Huey Super Cobras

So there you have it.  Should be a lot of fun to play.



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