There Are Those That Believe That Life Here, Began Out There....

So after months of sitting in bins, I finally got around to painting up my Battlestar Galactica ships from Ravenstar Studios  and even ended up ordering some more bigger ships to join the fight.  I am using modified A Call to Arms rules.  Rules can be downloaded here  I am also debuting my new space mat from Monday Night Productions.  Props to my daughter for the Mars model that we made.  A $8 bag of lava rocks game me more than enough to make some nice asteroid fields.

So enjoy!

Across the Nebula the ships face off

Colonial Might

A Battlestar in all its glory Vipers and Raptors

Light Battlestar and a Destroyer

Frigate and a Warstar

Basestar, Medusa Destroyer, Raiders and Heavy Raiders 

Basestar, Chimera Command Carrier and Hydra Light Carrier


Medusa Destroyer

So that is all my Battlestar Goodness.  Going to play a game this week.  Should be a lot of fun.

UPDATE:  Here are the rules modifications I am using for the game.  HAVE FUN!!!
Rules and Ship Cards


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