Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man...who even now fight to survive

So last we we tried out my Battlestar Rules.  We had a blast thought I have already made quite a few revisions to defense values and how the rolls work for damage.  The mission was that the colonial fleet had to make a short arc around or through the nebula and exit the table.  The cylons were to inflict as much damage as possible.

 Forces are lined up on the board.  We did not allow shooting through the nebula, but ships in the nebula could be shot at with a stealth of 4+.

The colonial fleet.  We started the game with all Fighters on the table. 

The Cylon fleet readying to destroy the Colonials.  

The Cylon fleet advances.   We used the Asteroids a sort of area terrain that blocked line of site though the box drawn from the asteroid bases.  Next game I will have the asteroids moving to make it more dangerous going close to the fields.

 As the Fleets approached the shooting started.  As I stated before we had a few too many rolls and with high defense values most shots were not doing much damage, though the Cylons scored an early critical on the Loki causing it to be -4 speed. The hunter had lined himself up for a lance shot but with some terrible rolls no damage was scored.

The action starts to heat up as the ships get closer and enter engagement.  Lots of again mostly ineffective firing but a number of dogfights took out some fighter stands  

More manuevering and firing and we ended the game at this point as it was time to go.  In the end one cylon medusa was crippled, the loki and hunter suffered some damage but the fleets were moslty in tact with no capital ships being destroyed.  

  All in all we had a good time and next time I think the values will be a lot better.  We are still a little unsure as to if it was the values themselves or the fact that everyone was rolling 1's and 2's most of the night.  We definitely had below average rolling. :)



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