The Chances of Anything Coming from Mars are a Million to One he said.........

I am honored to be working on a project with Alien Dungeon helping with the new set of rules they have up on their kickstarter, All quiet on the Martian Front.

"It’s Tanks vs. Tripods, Big Guns vs. Heat Rays in a new 15mm Miniature Game of all out Interplanetary War in 1910."

I decided to run a few test games today of the current revision of rules and it was a TON of fun.  I ran alast ditch defense of a town scenario where the Martians out numbered the humans 2 to 1.  The figures are still in the sculpting phase so I used some other 15mm minis I had at the house.  Shout out to my Friend Ernie for his awesomely painted martians Tripod Stand ins.   :)

So the board was set.  Desperation was felt by the humans as the prepared for battle. 

4 Tripods were approaching from the west.   It was time.....

Trench lines were built in preparation of the assault.  A squad of assault infantry, a squad of machine gunners, and a squad of Mark III tanks were positioned to defend the towns people.  

The tripods moved in, but the rigid defense lines help up the their unholy heats rays...  It was time to attack.  The assault squad sprang from their trenches and attacked one of the Martian Menaces, while the Tanks brought their guns to bear on the 2nd.  On the other side of the tabel the machine gunners desperately opened fire on the two advancing on their position.

The tanks dealt damage to one squad while the assault infantry pounded on the 2nd to no avail... 

In one bloody turn the Martians swept their heat rays across the machine gun squad and obliterated them in a blink of an eye, while the assault squads did heavy damage to the one they were attacking, take one stands of casualty in return.  The last stand fought on in defense of their people!


In a wonderful round of shooting, the tanks manged to destroy on of the tripods initiating a heartening cheer, which allows the assault squad to inflict more damage upon the 2nd tripod.  

Then tragedy struck as the last remaining assault stand was disintegrated and the 2nd pair of tripods flanked the tanks causing 2 casualties in the ensuing chaos.  

In a last ditch effort, the last Mark III opens fire and damages the fore tripod, but unfortunately the remaining two tripods finish him off and proceed to harvest the town of its people and resources...  THE END IS NIGH!!!!

The game is lots of fun and I whole heatedly suggest anyone who is a scifi, 15mm, or H.G. Wells  fan check out the project as it is a bunch of fun.



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