At dawn, a falling star with a trail of green mist landed with a flash like summer lightning.....

Another round of playtesting at my local shop. What a great time was had by all.

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We played 2 games and we went 1 and 1 with the martians pulling a win in the first game and the Humans in the second game. I expanded out the forces to be more even and we utilized more of the terrain to get a better feel as you go larger.

As before these are proxy models as the official ones are still in the master stage.

 Both games we had the following units:

 2 units of 2 tripods

 1 Unit of Assault Infantry
1 Unit of Machine Gunners
1 Unit of Field Guns
 2 Units of Mark III Tanks

The field was set. The line was drawn. Mercilessly, the martians advanced...

 Surveying the Field, Craig starts his advance. In a round of uncannily lucky shooting, the humans are able to destroy a tripod in the first round of shooting (I rolled 8,9,10 in a row.  lucky!!!!) In kind the Martians take out the machine gun squad with a well placed heat ray sweep.  IN a moment, the entire squad was gone.

The Assualt Infantry moved out of thier trench lines trying to out flank the martian trip on the right while a unit of tanks takes heavy casualties form the 2 tripods on the left. 

 Craig Advances forward to engage the remaining tanks. 

Outpacing the assault infantry the lone tripod attempts to join the other two on the side of other side of the boards as all three continue to engage the remaining tanks.

In a lucky round of shooting from the howitzers the humans, then manage to cause a disable one of the  the martians weapons (This causes the players to roll a die when the martian fires, with the winner of the roll choosing the target) and in another round of amazing rolling, the martian manages to destroy the pod next to him

 In the end the martians pulled a victory as the the two lone pods first destroyed the howitzers, and in a sweep attack took out the tanks and cleanup up the assault squad in the following turn.  Great game with Craig thanks for comign down and giving it a go.

My second game of the evening was with Dave.  He chose to play the humans so I donned my control Collar and was enslaved by the glory of the martian race to go forth to victory!  The first round was just maneuvering and positioning  and the action really started in the second round

As you can see this game stated off very badly for the martians.  The tokens represent the damage markers that tripods accumulate and within the second round of shooting, my tripod took heavy damage from a well place shot by one unit of tanks, only to be finished off by the other unit of tanks.

I took the martians on the offensive moving quickly into the backfield in an attempt to outpace the infantry and tanks and get to the howitzers as they were causing a lot of damage.  One tripod of the unit that still had two took heavy damage, while I  destroy the machine gun squad in the trench as well as one of the tanks. 

Before I was able to activate int eh next turn the full unit of tanks were able to overwhelm the lone tripod, obliterating it.

Clearing the building and using them for cover, I forced Dave to move around the terrain to engage the remaining Tripods.  I attacked the howitzers, utterly missing.  It was getting desperate for the martians. 

I managed to take out one of the howitzers, taking even more damage in turn as Dave consolidated his forces in the backfield.

The remaining tripod utterly flubbed the initiative role, and Dave pummeled the already damaged tripod to destroy it and damaged the remaining one as well.  It looked bleak for the martians as their returning fire was a 1.

Drawing back to try to get out of range did me little good as I once again missed my shot and took more damage from the tanks.   The end was close....

With a punishing barrage of damage, the final tripod went down and scream of victory could be heard across the village!!!!!

Great time thanks to Dave and Craig for playing and all the people that stopped by to watch.  Remember to follow the blog for more updates and check out the kickstarter



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