Shhhhhhhh.....Do you Smell Something?

After much ado we finally got around to playing some games of Muskets and Tomahawks.  The game is a lot of fun.  Very simple to learn but yet has a lot of depth.  Studio Tomahawk has a nice game that will appear to many a s a skirmish for lots of different conflicts form French and Indian war to the American Revolution.   

Our first game was British Regulars supported by Rangers holding out against the Compagnies Franches de la Marine with a unti of Canadian Coureur des bois.  The French did well at the beginning but the British Rangers saved the day wiping out the remaining units. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the battle.  :(

Our second battle was the french again holding out against the Indians whose mission was to wipe out the civilians wandering around the village.  It was a sad and bloody day for the french as the Canadians routed from the battle after taking heavy losses in the 2nd turn.  After that it was easy pickings for the Indians to kill the remaining militia unit. 

 The Indians Start their Advance.

 French Militia Desperately tries to protect the Settler

Poor Ma,  In the end she was all that was left...

These were only 200 points games and we agreed that next tiem we would have more units hitting the boards.  I have a unit of Canadian militia and another unit of Compagnies Franches de la Marine and some Indian Allies.  Game is a lot of fun and I really suggest you all give it a try.



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