The Universe is Full of Doors...

And the wait is OVER!!!!!

Very excited to announce the book revamp is now live on Drive thru RPG.  Go grab a copy at  .  If you already own a copy an updated PDF is available in the file manager. 

 For any of my loyal customers with physical books that want an upgrade you can either download the errata over at and use the changes there, or reach out to me via email.  I am offering a discounted price code if you previously bought the book that you can use in  the online store.  Alternatively if you are going to be at totalcon, havoc, or huzzah let me know and I will bring updated copies to avoid shipping.    

As you can Ken did an amazing job on the layout and additional artwork.  My hats off to him.

Keep tuned to the website and blog for more info about the starter set and first two box armies being released very soon as well.


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