Long Live the FIGHTERS!!!!!!!

Big things are on the horizon for Trilaterum and my 3d printing venture. The revamp of the rules is almost complete and will be out to peoples hands very soon.  Its mainly a face lift with a few changes that are already available in the errata. Go to www.trilaterum.com for the errata.  Some items are already in the online store come check it out.

Many new races and miniature offerings are currently being test printed and evaluated.  I am very excited to have partners with Ill Gotten Games with their awesome 3d design catalog to offer to Trilaterum Players.

First up is a line of buildings I have designed.  you can see some test prints and painted shots below

Also on the desk are some of the miniatures from Ill Gotten games.  First up with me the Agricale empire a sentient fungal lifeform.

We will also have some great alien flora and fauna for your gaming table I am working on a whole bunch of them for the next table I am running.  

What would you find useful in your 15mm games?  I am trying to get ideas on what people want. Let me know in the comments.



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