The Concept of Progress Acts as a Protective Mechanism to Shield us from the Terrors of the Future....

What a great time at Fall In!    I ran a game in the Saturday noon slot and had an absolute great time playing Trilaterum    It was great to Meet everyone and put on a game.  Got a lot of good feedback, handed out a ton of business cards and all in all just had a blast.

Remember the book is now available in Physical and PDF format.  Just click on the link to the right.

On the coming horizon will be the first supplement for Trilaterum, Trilaterum:Colossals  and will feature Super Heavy Vehicles and how to integrate them.  It will also feature 6 new scenarios revolving around the Colossals themselves.  This will be a free expansion for anyone that buys the book so be sure to follow here and contact me  if you have purchased a physical copy so that you will get the supplement.  It will be in Digital Format only but available as print on demand if you like.

So keep in touch and watch this space for more info.  Here are some pictures of the Fall In Game.

Starting the game off the Barad and Draconid advance.  The objective is to hold the most of the three objectives alone the center line of the board.

As they advance the action starts and casualties are incoming.

That escalated quickly.

As you can see the fight for the objectives has heated up.  The aliens abandoned the left objective and concentrated on the middle and right ones.

The Aliens push towards the center objective in the midst of withering fire.

Aliens push towards the right objective as well.

The aliens are starting to make real headway

In a last ditch effort the colonials take the left objective but lose the other two, allowing the aliens to pull out a victory.

Thanks all that played it was a great game and I had a blast.



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