Climb the Mountain just a little bit to test that it’s a Mountain. From the top of the Mountain, you cannot see the Mountain......

Worked on a bunch of stuff for Tilaterum this weekend.  Enjoy.

Khurasan Miniatures Earth War Force Corsair battle Dress

Khurasan Miniatures Itu'a Swarm Assault Crab

Khurasan Miniatures Itu'a Weapon Worms

Khurasan Miniatures Itu'a Swarm Rifle Bug

Ground Zero Games Crusty Heavy Infantry in armoured hostile environment suits

Ground Zero Games Crusty with rifles

Ground Zero Games Xar chitterers with Grenade Projector (Left) and Heavy Beamer (Right)

Ground Zero Games Xar chitterers with Beam Rifles

Blue Moon Manufacturing Terran Confederation Legion Troopers

Thanks for looking 



  1. They look awesome. In particular, the grey scheme ones at the top do not look like a blob of grey. The first lot that are from GZG look great with the reds and yellows jumping out.


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