A Beginning is the Time for Taking the most Delicate Care that the Balances are Correct

Last night saw my first public play test game of Trilaterum, my new 15mm scifi game.  Miniatures used will be Stan Johansen's Star Armor Line and Blue Moon Miniatures 15mm Aliens Lines.  Follow the link to join the Facebook group where I will be discussing the upcoming rules set.  I learned a lot during the game about what works and does not work.  I will be reworking activation and coherency as that seemed to bring up lots of questions.

Another thing we will be consolidating is weapons so units have a single shoot line instead of multiple weapons.  The modified exploding dice mechanic seemed to go over well.  Its modified in the sense that if you roll a 1 in the subsequent rolls you get to roll on the OH CRAP table.  One amusing instance was as the Draconid player had 7 hits on a squad and the table inadvertently had him resolve the hits on the nearest friendly stand!  FRIENDLY FIRE!!!!

The table as set up.  Thanks to Adventure Terrain for the great tree bases coming to an online store very soon.  Buildings were from my sci-fi electrical box building tutorial and roads from my Roads tutorial.  

Stan Johanson Tank and Colonial Marine Grav Platform

Colonial Marines and Hover Transport (Tribarrel laser) (Stan J)

Draconid Heavy Weapon teams (foreground) Draconid Warriors (background) (Stan J)

Robotic Legions (Bluemoon)

Grav Platform and Hover Transport (Laser Cannon)

Colonial Marine Heavy Laser Battery (Stan J)

Colonial Marine Hazard suits (Stan J)

More Draconid Warriors and Heavy Weapons (Stan J)

More Robotic Legion supporting the Draconids

The stage is set.  The Colonial colony is facing a coordinated attack from the Draconids  and Legion of Elios.  Much carnage will ensue.

Forces have started to move around the right flank.

Some punishing fire received by the colonial marines as the flank moves around the buildings.  Units are not removed as casualties till they receive wound markers equal to their stamina stat.  The more markers on the unit the harder it is for them to activate.  Units use a rally action during activation to remove markers in an attempt to stay on the table.  

The Draconids are squaring off against some Colonial Hazard suits.  Those heavy weapon teams put out some punishing fire.

More colonial units taking fire and accumulating stamina markers.  

After a brutal round of shooting the hazard suits are about to break with 7 markers on them and a stamina stat of 8.  

On the right flank you can see the Colonial marines taking more fire with a unit breaking and running behind the transport.  

The Draconid launch an assault and make short work of the wounded Colonial stand.  

The Robotic Legionnaires make their way up to the Colonial's lines, taking fire as they advance.

Finally getting into the firing position, the War Walkers open fire on  the hover tank.

With the hover tank  taken out of commission it is now up to the laser platforms to take out the walkers

The Hazard suits withdraw and the Grav platform zooms in and lays down some incredible fire on the Draconid heavy weapon team.

Very enjoyable game and a lot of fun to run and work through the rules.  Thanks to Bob, Richard and Rob for playing.  Round two will be next week sometime!  



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