The People Who can Destroy a Thing, They Control a Thing....

So Max decided he wanted to play some 15mm scifi so I pulled out my minis, made up some stat cards and set up a nice big game of Gruntz.  The set up is simple.  The humans have established a colony and the native aliens are none too happy about it.  All manor of beast has been called into service by the robotic overlords.  And now on to our exciting adventure!!!

So here we are set up got our settlement on the one end and the aliens on the other.

Max is very happy with his setup.  I gave him tons of cool monsters and beasties including 2 "Death Worms" which are super heavy walkers.

AAnd we are off.  Max is contemplating the distance so he can crush some foes!

Moving up he had some good rolls and the death work ate a few specialists.  here the mecha's are trying to keep it at bay.

A living flame elemental has charged in to take on the other mecha squad.  Its flame breath has already taken its toll on the power armored infantry.

A squad of robotic legionnaires advances around the trees to meet another squad of power armored infantry.

An Infantry squad is holding the command center.  The'll never take us alive!!!!

Getting awfully congested over here.

Max moves up his infantry to engage the Boar Hounds advancing around the flank of the death worm.  

We only got to play 2 turns before Max wanted to quit but he got a good grasp of the game and we had fun which is the reason we do this.



  1. Good work with the electrical boxes as hab structures

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