The Fever of War that Would Presently Clog Vein and Artery, Deaden Nerve, and Destroy Brain, had yet to Develop.......

So the annual Games day was at the Hobby Bunker in Malden Ma on Saturday and I ran two games of All Quiet on the Martian Front for the crowd.  Had a great time and thanks to all that came and played.

The martians forces were mustered and ended up being 3 assault tripods, 3 scout tripods, a grenadier, a slaver, 2 units of drones and 2 units of lobototons.

The humans also saw reinforcements in the guise of French Foreign Legionnaires.  So the humans mustered 3 units of MKII's, 3 units of MKIII's, 2 Units of American Infantry, 1 unit of Armored infantry, 1 unit of American Machine Guns and 1 unit of American Rough Riders.  The French mustered 1 unit of FT 17 tanks (Used as MKII's) 2 units of French Foreign Legion infantry, 2 units of French Foreign Legion Cavalry, and a unit of French Foreign Legion Machine guns.

 What I ended up doing was setting up the table and then reversing the objectives for the sides.  For the first game the martians had to take the town to a dug in human force.

So the stage is set.  Humans dug in, martians advancing.

And we are off.  the martians take up an aggressive stance at the edge of the town and start shooting.  Unfortunately the cover of buildings helps tremendously and the humans shake off most of the shooting.

Humans score some PUNISHING turn one hits on the scout tripods and takes out one and damages the two others.

Martians continue their advance trying to destroy the french resistance on this side of town.

Starting to get closer to town as the martians cause more and more damage, though they take some in return in the form of drones and Lobototons.

The lonely street as the Assault tripod advances.....

Most of the martians on this side of the board have been destroyed in a spectacular explosion that took out many infantry and tanks as well and cleared a wide swath.  Unfortunately for the martians, the next shot took out the slaver tripod and ALL THE DRONES AND LOBOTOTONS left in another mushroom cloud.

The final result was the last scout and grenadier tripod moved down the road, only to be destroyed with overwhelming firepower...  HUMAN WIN!!!

On the heels of their victory, the humans have advanced down the road to the next town to rout out the martians dug into the town.  Once again unto the breach dear friends!!!

The french have started their advance...  I am using the FT-17's as just standard Mk II's.  Unfortunately the martian players could not hit the side of a barn and the sweep missed them all.

Armored infantry assault!!!!!!!

French Legionnaires GO!!!!

More Legionnaires and some Legionnaire Cavalry

And that's one dead assault tripod!  Way to go human shooting!

The Martian player has had some very unlucky rolls and the humans have been steadily destroying and advances into the town.

Surrounded and outgunned the Martians should be hitting stuff with those heat rays,  but the dice gods were not in their favor.  In an unlucky turn of events, the slaver is once again nuclear exploded and takes out the drones, the other assault tripod and damages the grenadier.

The Lone Martian Grenadier holds the town at this point, but is destroyed in a hail of fire from the human forces...HUMAN VICTORY AGAIN!!!

 It was a great time and I was honored by Boston Trained Bands to be awarded a Game Master trophy and certificate.  Thanks for a great time!



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