Suddenly, Like a Thing Falling Upon Me From Without, Came Fear....

So last night at the Game Castle in Londonderry, NH we played a great game of All Quiet on the Martian Front by Alien Dungeon.  It was a great time.  We had a lot of fun.  Thanks to Bob, Frank, Rich and Tim for playing.   The mission was the martians were advancing across the table they needed to exit one tripod off the table behind the large building in town.  The humans were pulling out all the stops to stop the Martian advance.

So here we go!

The scene is Set.  The Martians need to exit the table behind the large white building.

THe Human defense.  The HMG are hunkered down in the buildings with the tanks out front and hiding in town.

The left flank had some infantry and Rough Riders.  They ended up being KEY in the game.

The Martians ready to advance.

The other side.

Boy that did not take long.  The Grenadier takes out a Mark III

Strategizing the Martan Advance

Moving into better firing positions. 

SCORE.  Damage starts to stack up on the martian tripods from massed tank fire.

As the Martians advance and casualties massed, the tanks in town needed to come out to fire.

Rich's flank with two scouts and an assault.  He was doing better with less tanks firing at him.  

After taking out yet another Mark III Rich advances closer.

Bob had a nice line of tanks on against the river really piling up some damage.  Frank advanced the tripods further.

This is when Rich;s luck started to change.  The Rough riders started using their tow hooks which rich just could not roll well enough to avoid damage from in the coming turns.  Tim also charge the other scout with some infantry, unfortunately doing non damage.

Frank And Rich discuss more tactics.

Score with Tow Hooks.  Imobilized.

This Assault tripod took a pounding and now had 7 damage on it.  It was not long for the world.  

Scoring damage on the Assault tripod with Black dust launcher, Bob was able to cause a weapon malfunction.  so next firing turn it would be a die off to see who it would be firing at.  The Scout tripod also was damaged making its movement a roll off as well.

Bob sets up for the Kill and lets loose with all guns blazing.

BOOM!  the Tripod Crumples to the ground.

Doing more exceptional work, Tim's Rough Riders immobilize the tripods again.  The scout tripod is unfortunately damaged making its movement a roll-off.

Destroying a few more elements, Rich shakes off the tow cable and 

Taking out some tanks, the scout and Assault Tripod advance towards the town.  Bob wins the Martian firing roll and lining up on the scout tripod rolls snake eyes.... DOH

The tanks rumble along the streets to draw a bead on the assault tripod.  Meanwhile the Scout tripod loses its movement roll and runs off back towards the other table edge.  rich is able to free up undamaged Scout and move towards the table edge.  It is still a long way away.

Tim, with his flank crumbling takes aim at the Martian Tripod.and  scores yet another Immobilize

Bad luck for Rich losing both the roll to move and the roll to detach the cable Tim chooses to move the tripod, destroying it.  If the tripod is forced to move with the cable still on it it is destroyed.

Massed fire destroys the Assault Tripod.  NOT IN MY TOWN YOU DON'T!

Bob re-positions his tanks, as another failed movement roll puts the scout tripod squarely in the back field.

Utilizing the side streets Bob gets more tanks in position.

Advancing to take out the remaining threatening Scout tripod.

In Yet another bad set of rolls, the Assault tripod topples to the ground due to its tow cable.

The Game is getting close.  The scout tripod is within winning distance.  Cmon gents.... Can you do it???

Setting up some more shots on the scout tripod.

Its now or never...NOOOO BOB FLUBS THE ROLL!!!  Only a handful of damage.  Can the next initiative check save them or will the Humans Prevail....

And with a failed initiative check, the humans score a 9 on damage and destroy the scout tripod and secure a victory for the humans!!!!

The game was a blast and a really good time.  Thanks again guys for playing.



  1. This looks quite fun! I'm regretting not getting in on the kickstarter.

  2. Saw the post about your lovely daughter.
    Have you talked to Tom Vassal and his group, they have a fund for gamers and their families in need.
    Added a little to the fund as well good luck.
    Game looked great.

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