Suddenly, Like a Thing Falling Upon Me From Without, Came Fear.....

So I finished my All quiet on the Martian Front forces for the Game I am running Tuesday night at the Game Castle.  These minis rock so do yourself a favor and order some.

The Martian Forces on the move...

My Single Grenadier tripod.  

Three Scout tripods with targeters

Three Assault Tripods.  Two with Green Gas Bombs and one with a Black Dust Launcher

The American forces...

Machine gun Squads

Rough Rider Squad

Two infantry Squads

Nine Mark II Tanks.  I used unit marking on the upper left panel of the right side of the tank to denote each three.

Nine Mark III tanks.  Again I used unit markings.  This time on the right side of the upper hull.

So those are the forces.  I will post pics of the game on Wednesday.



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