Full moon calls thee-- Shai-hulud shall thou see......

So I am coming to a finish with my 15mm Aliens.  I need to add in a few more large beasts and some walkers for the robot faction but I really am happy with the progress including the Giant Shai-Hulud models.  I also have a few more squads of foot trooper aliens, but with the robotic legions I think I have plenty of foot troops.  The idea behind the army is it is a bunch of different races and technology levels that live on a distant planet that humans have landed on and they have decided to defend their homeworld.  I will be using them with Fireteam Andromeda, Gruntz, and Future War commander rules.

My camera / lighting system was acting up so the pictures are not as good as they could be but enjoy!

First of the Giant worms courtesy of Reaper Minis

2nd Worm

The giant yeti beasts.  I really liked how these came out in different color coats. These are form the West Wind Range.

Mud/Lava men.  I have no idea who makes them but they look cool.

A fire and earth elemental from the Dwarf Wars range.

Twanax baddies from Blue Moon.

A Brood Hound from Dark Age Miniatures. 

Nevis from Blue moon Manufacturing.  These are the bulk alien troops.

Robot Velon Skirmishers from Blue Moon.  I think they are dead ringers for Falling skies Mechs.

Robot Legionaries from Blue Moon.

Thanks for looking



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