The Real Universe is Always One Step Beyond Logic....

I am happy to announce I have worked out a deal to use some of the wonderful 3d designs from Ill Gotten Games in the Trilaterum Universe.  they have many wonderful designs that I am test printing and getting painted up.  I was a little leery about doing infantry in 15mm with a FDM printer but I am very happy so far with the results as you can see below.  These will be the core infantry for an upcoming new faction that will be available very soon.

There is a dizzying array of sculpts that will be available to the Trilaterum Universe.  Here are just a few as examples .

These guys is a whopping 100mm tall!

As you ca see there are TONS of really cool things that will be hitting my store very soon.

Also the book has been updated on DriveThru RPG with the latest rules changes as well as an errata is available on the website  here  I have limited quantities of this stuff available now so just hit the FB group or website and send me an email if you are interested in anything before it goes on general sale.