I Will Bend like a Reed in the Wind.....

I've been busy hobby wise just been slacking on my blog.  I have acquired a 3d printer and have been experimenting with various projects.  Lots of terrain and now trying my hand at models.  I decided to tackle an earth elemental horde.  I found a cool model and started on my task.

After a few tries I finally got a good print.  Needed work though

Some initial priming, sanding and a few coats of drybrushing.  This is along side a air elemental that I decided not to finish as it was too small.

More sanding and drybrushing.

First one about done.  Time for more.  One of the drawbacks was having all models look the same.  so what I did was change the size of the print giving the illusion of different models.

More are coming!

And more even some little guys!

Painting and based and moss added

Painting and based and moss added

Painting and based and moss added

Next up is some mushroom men.  starting on them here is the start

Cool Mushroom walker thingy  we'll see how these paint up



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