The Real Universe is Always One Step Beyond Logic......

So the Edge of Abyss campaign is upon us.  Mantic's global campaign kicked off earlier this week.  The Beast of War website is not up yet, but you can email results to  and there is a tracking website at

Format for game submission is


To submit the results of your games during the campaign, please provide the battle details in the following format:

Location of the battle
Armies that took part
Points size of each army
Which army won
Victory points/attrition points at the end of the game
Three pictures of the game in action

Last night I played a game in the Ardovikian Plains against an unseemly Orc Hoard.  The great druid Laasala summoned forth an army of elementals to try to battle back the Orc forces trying to invade.  We played the Loot scenario with 2000 points.

The battle lines are set

Western flank with a juice regiment of Gore Cavalry.

Air elementals charged and got a whopping ZERO wounds.   Get ready for a flank charge from a slasher.  :(

Orc battle lines moving up.  The Skiffs scored a found on the beast of nature.

Contact is made!

Those air elementals are about to get squished.

Triple charge on the hoard of Orc Grerataxe. a plucky slasher isin my back field :(

The Hunters of the wild take up the battle against the Gore Riders.  That slasher has other plans so leaves them alone.

Some Morax going after the beast.  He died horribly.

The slog of the century.  thse little guys wavered the Gore Riders for a bunch of turns.

THat fire elemental is about to take it in the rear and die horribly from that slasher

More Tarpitting

Drummer and flagger charge the fire elementals.  Horde is gone and the Druid was able to surge the Greater earth into the other slasher.

Morax charge the Earth Elementals

Well that was fun.  The second unit of Hunters side charged the Slasher and with them and the Greater Earth killed it.  Fire and earth survived and were able to take out the drummer and the Morax regiment.  Things are looking grim.  Slasher took out the fire elemental.

Last slasher moves on the Earth Elementals.  Flagger grabbed the loot and ran.  Greater Water Elemental took out the Gor riders and Hunters took out the Spitters.  Hunters and water elemental regiment grabbed 2 loot counters.  Score was Forces of Nature 2 Orcs 1.

Great game.  I had a ton of really lucky rolls as well as Al failed every headstrong roll he got from the scenario.  Thanks Al for the great game!  FORCES OF GOOD UNITE!!!!!



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