There should be a Science of Discontent. People Need Hard Times to Develop Psychic Muscles....

So I had quote a few comments about my bases for my Abyssal Dwarves so I thought I would do a tutorial on how I made them.

So without further adu, here we go.

You will need some bases, joint compound, white glue, sand, bark mulch nuggets, paints and flock.

First off wash and dry your pine nuggets.  I use a food dehydrator but whatever works for you.  THen pick some pieces and glue them to your bases.

This is my filler mixture.  Its joint compound, sand, white glue and some paint.  

Slop that stuff on and use a brush or popcicle stick to make it look appropriately ground like and random.  

While that is drying I put watered down white glue ont he pine bark to give them a little more stiffness and seal them.  

Prime away!

Here I drybrushed the ground a dark brown

And then a light brown.

Drybrush the rocks a grey

Light drybrush of white on both ground and rocks.

Glue on your flock and let them dry

Glue on your minis and away you go to profits!!!

Hope you enjoyed it


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