Enemies strengthen you. Allies weaken......

So I finally bit the bullet and decided to re-base my chaos dwarves to abyssal dwarves for Kings of War.  I have been putting it off for a long time but I am really glad I did it.  For those that don't know I made this army years ago using old citadel marauder minis and conversions with chaos warrior heads and dwarves.  I have added in some Mantic and will be adding a lot more.

For the bases I used bark nuggets and a filler paste that I made from joint compound, sand and pva.  I used some of the vallejo filler on the first few but switched to this for a cruder finish.  I am very happy with the result.  Some of the bases I ended up just incorporating some rocks as rebasing them was problematic.  The gargoyles were freshly done with the tree stumps and I did not want to mess with them.  I know that technically they are under the MMC but since I don't usually play in tournaments I was more concerned with the ascetics and I like the look I got out of them.

All in all without upgrades it is just shy of 3000 points.


For the Glory of Hashut!

2 troops or 1 regiment of Decimators.  The insanity of these guys was I bought 10 sprues of mordheim mercenaries to get the plastic blunderbusses for these.  lol

So 3 regiments and 1 troop of regular troops Hand weapon / shield.  combine 2 regiments to a horde easy peasy.

Same with 2 Handed weapons

Old CD Cahracter and Brakki Braka Mantic Special Character

Couple of my favorite guys I wanted to keep out as characters.  The Hatchet Warrior has been my favorite mini from this army since inception!

I use this as either a Overmaster on Dragon or a Grotesque champion

Ironcaster on Winged beast.  Old Lammasu

Berzerkers.  These are old glory Dwarf Monks that I think look super cool as non armored weapon swinging agents of death!

Troop and Regiment of Abyssal Halfbreeds.  I originally made these with boar bodies so they were Boar Centaurs.  :)

Greater and Lesser Golems and the Gargoyles

Old CD Hellcannon as a Heavy Mortar 

Old Warmachines Regular Mortar and Swivel Gun Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launchers!  

Can't wait to get them on the tabel as they have been gathering Dust for Far too long.



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