One Should Never Presume One is the Sole Object of a Hunt...

So afger a few months of work my a Forces of Nature army for Kings of war is finished.  I really like how ir all came out.  Some Mantic,  some not.  Enjoy.

This is y Unicorn I used a Kirin miniature from Ral Partha.  Kirin were mythical creatures in Ancient asia said to be good omens.

Druid.  I used a Mantic Loki figure for this

Beast of nature.  Dragon Tortoise from Reaper Bones

Greater Earth elemental by Mantic.

Tree herder.  GrenBriar Games

Salamanders with Sword and shield by Mantic

Salamanders with two handed weapons  by Mantic

Hunters of the wild.  Mushroom men by Reaper miniatures.

 Hunters of the wild.  Mushroom men by Reaper miniatures.

Earth Elementals.  Ex-Illis Soffrances

Earth Elementals.  Mud Men by Ral PArtha

Forest Shambleres by Mantic Games

Fire Elementals.  DND Miniauews

Water Elementals VOR Shard Miniatures.

Thanks for looking 



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