To Know the Future Absolutely is to be Trapped into that Future Absolutely.....

It has bee a little quiet lately but I have exciting news. I was fortunate enough to be on the Wargames Recon podcast episode 175 to talk about Trilaterum!!!  You can get the episode on the iTunes or here

I am also excited to announce that a new shop has opened in my area by some Friends of mine and Midgard Games and Comics  is the new home of Trialterum.  I will be running games there and they have the book in stock for sale.  Check them out!!

As always you can get Trilaterum using the links to the left via wargames vault and in physical format.

Work has continued on the expansion to add superheavies to the game.  I am excited to start to playtesting and seeing what people like.

Been working on some new units from the Khurasan range and Ground Zero Games.   Once I finish those I will add some new pictures.  



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